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Breathe No Evil


"Breathe No Evil is a COVID-19 themed community photo project that shows everyone is affected by the coronavirus and can help in the fight. Face masks…

Contributors: Allison Steeves

First Responders

Shortage of personal protective equipment endangering health workers worldwide.pdf

Contributors: Jack Charbonneau

Food Insecurity During COVID-19

Community Fridge Image.png

Contributors: Marissa Gonzales

From Makerspaces to Mask Makers


Greek Life


Experiences of fraternities and sororities in Covid-19.

Contributors: John Puksta

Healthcare Portrait Project


"I started this project because I wanted to recognize people who are working in healthcare during this pandemic. Having previously worked in…

Contributors: Allison Steeves

Hello, Teacher!

I Am Worcester's "Mask-Up" Gallery

102520_I-Am-Worcester_Mark Rebecca Parker Reed-0158-Edit.jpg

Online Learning During COVID-19


A look into online learning one year since the start of the pandemic.

Contributors: Neville Ingram

Public Schools, The Pandemic & Refugee Students


A look at ways in which the pandemic has affected the lives & education of an often underrepresented section of Worcester's community.

Contributors: Sam Sands