Public Schools, The Pandemic & Refugee Students

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Public Schools, The Pandemic & Refugee Students


A look at ways in which the pandemic has affected the lives & education of an often underrepresented section of Worcester's community.


Sam Sands


Sam Sands

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An interview with Daniel Gay, a teacher with the New Citizen's Center, discussing their program and how the pandemic has influenced him, his students and the ways in which he teaches.

NCC Distancing Measures
An image of the inside of the Fanning Building, showcasing the ways in which the school is ensuring that students are social distancing. The highway has direction signs as well as locations to indicate proper distances between people.

NCC Exterior
The exterior of the New Citizen's Center location at The Fanning Building on Chatham St.

NCC Entrance
The entrance to the New Citizen's center, with signage regarding the usage of masks or face coverings.

An article discussing the New Citizens Center's increasing student population as more and more SLIFE students are being given opportunities in adjusting to the US education system.

S.H: “I worked more this year than in my whole life. I do school and went to Taco Bell to work in the night. People ate more during this year I think. I work 50 hours each week and do my school work as much as I can. My brother lost his job so I…

T.S.: “I come from Nepal, but my family is Bhutanese. In my country the camp is not clean. My house in Worcester is very nice and clean. I didn’t think a disease could come in my house in Worcester. My mom got COVID in her work. She is ok, but…

D.N.: “In the DRC (Dem. Rep. of Congo) there is no law sometimes. During COVID it felt like too much rules. I felt scared because disease in Africa is AIDS and Ebola. Almost always death. I never thought it could happen to a country like America.…

S.S “I come from Tanzania. In our refugee camp we had the freedom to go where we wanted in the camp. COVID reminded me of living in a place with fences. It was like there was no opportunity this year. School was very difficult. I think my…

Today we went back to school for the first time in over -a-year. We're masked, the air is filtered and there's a feeling of both fear and excitement. It feels like a grand experiment. I hope it works. In conversation with my students there is a…
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