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The author believes that all students should have mandatory summer school after the COVID-19 pandemic. He believes that students time spent online learning is time lost and that students need time to learn what they have missed during the pandemic.

Head of Saint John's high school has already moved all students to be back in school and pushes for other schools to do the same. He believes that education is drastically better in person and thinks all schools should be returning to in-person…

Many kids in Worcester relied on school meals to be fed each day. While schools are closed during COVID-19, volunteers are distributing lunches and breakfast to kids across the city who need them.

On Friday, March 13 2020, all Worcester Public Schools closed due to the rising concern and spread of COVID-19. This would mark the start of the pandemic's effects on education in Worcester.

Worcester public schools have around 2,000 homeless students and during the pandemic the schools are offering more services to these students.

The Worcester public schools faced large budget cuts. Most of these cuts were due in some way to COVID-19

Many students lack a reliable internet connection required for online learning. The Worcester schools negotiated with Spectrum to try and get affordable internet for students. Spectrum is the only internet option as they have a local monopoly.

As some employees were allowed to return to work in person, cases of COVID-19 began to spike. Some teachers were offered the opportunity to return to in person work voluntarily. When teachers began to return, positive cases started to appear.
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