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Becker College latest small private college to close doors.pdf
Becker College announced a few weeks ago that it is slated to close in the coming months. This is just another landmark that brought different people to the local Worcester area, and with its closing will come less traffic to the downtown area.…
Created By: Emma Whitford
Date: 03/30/2021

BID asks for artists to decorate empty Worcester storefronts _ Worcester Business Journal.pdf
The Downtown Worcester Business Improvement District is making strides towards improving the downtown business scene. They are hosting a contest where users can submit designs which will subsequently be put up on storefronts to decorate the area.…
Created By: Monica Busch
Date: 04/15/2021

Flowbird and Wescor Hit A Home Run In Worcester, MA.pdf
The City of Worcester has been and is working on efforts to improve the downtown area to make it more easily accessible as well as brighten up the area. One of these examples is a new pay-by-plate system for vehicles to make the parking process much…
Created By: Marielle Ahlfors
Date: 04/19/2021

Worcester Revitalization.jpg
Photo of some Worcester storefronts which may be set to be revitalized throughout 2021. The Business Improvement District hosted an art contest for murals to be displayed on windows of stores to encourage foot traffic in the area and revitalize the…
Created By: Devin Guerrera
Date: 4/19/21

Geisel Software.jpg
CEO Brian Gesiel pictured, who's tech firm Geisel Software, landed a NASA contract in conjunction with Arizona State University in May of 2021. This is their second NASA contract, showing great strength in their work during the pandemic.
Date: 05/11/2021

Small Business Development Center _ Clark University.pdf
Clark University's Small Business Development Center is one example of the local resources small businesses can use to aid them in their struggles throughout the pandemic. They also offer resources on how to start a small business as well as loan…
Created By: Clark University

Report_ 37% of Mass. small businesses have closed _ Worcester Business Journal.pdf
This report highlights that approximately 37% of small businesses in Massachusetts closed shop during the pandemic. With the commercial influence Worcester has, many of these businesses are certainly local small businesses who couldn't keep up with…
Created By: Monica Bush
Date: 12/02/2020

Percys appliances.jpg
Photo at Percy's Appliances store in Worcester. Alan Levine boasted their best year throughout the pandemic, as forcing the community to stay hope more had taken a toll on supplies and appliances more than usual. Many turned to support his local…
Created By: Devin Guerrera
Date: 5/11/2021

Worcester chamber launches pro-Worcester commercial _ Worcester Business Journal.pdf
The Worcester-Regional Chamber of Commerce is in the final stages of putting together a commercial to promote the downtown Worcester area and encourage viewers to come visit and support the area. It encourages viewers to take their funds and point…
Created By: Worcester-Regional Chamber of Commerce
Date: 04/19/2021

Oral History with two of three Co-Founders of Roadgnar Daniel Palaez & Noah Parker. Both are WPI graduates who began their project to develop a sensor-system to detect potholes on city roads and effectively distribute this information. They share…
Created By: Devin Guerrera, Daniel Palaez, Noah Parker
Date: 5/9/2021
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