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The busiest street in the second largest city in New England completely empty. Strangely peaceful
Created By: Elijah Johnson; Contributed By: Elijah Johnson
Date: 04/16/2020

Lauren Monroe Interview Audio.mp3
Interview with Lauren Monroe on the role of Technocopia making masks during the pandemic.
Created By: Lauren Monroe; Contributed By: Lauren Monroe
Date: 5/18/2021

Governor Charlie Baker Orders All Non-Essential Businesses To Cease In Person Operation, Directs the Department of Public Health to Issue Stay at Home Advisory For Two Weeks _
On March 23, 2020, MA Governor Charlie Baker ordered all non-essential businesses to cease in-person operations until at least April 7, 2020.
Created By: Sarah Finlaw, Press Secretary, Governor's Office; Contributed By: Sarah Finlaw, Press Secretary, Governor's Office
Date: 3/23/2020

An interior view of the Technocopia makerspace in Worcester.
Created By: Technocopia; Contributed By: Technocopia
Date: 4/01/2017

WorcShop faces hurdles in move to Leicester.pdf
WorcShop had to move to their Leicester. MA location sooner than expected because of revenue drops from COVID-19 and now they are struggling to get the permits they need to reopen swiftly.
Created By: Victor D. Infante; Contributed By: Victor D. Infante
Date: 6/30/2021

Shortage of personal protective equipment endangering health workers worldwide.pdf
WHO calls for industry and government to increase PPE manufacturing by 40% to meet rising global demand at the onset of the coronavirus.
Created By: World Health Organization (WHO); Contributed By: World Health Organization (WHO)
Date: 3/03/2020

Confronting the coronavirus pandemic, daily routines are vastly different now for Worcester’s first responders -
A glimpse at how drastically first responders' routines changed at the beginning of COVID-19
Created By: Melissa Hanson; Contributed By: Melissa Hanson
Date: 4/27/2020

Declaration of a State of Emergency to Respond to COVID-19 _
Declaration of state of emergency in MA in response to the coronavirus in March 2020.
Created By: Office of Governor Charlie Baker and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito; Contributed By: Office of Governor Charlie Baker and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito
Date: 3/10/2020

June 15, 2021 Hello Teacher! Day 183 
Congratulations! It looks like we made it, made it through an unforgettable year of teaching, learning, in person, in school, in sickness and in health, here we are on the last day of school, June 2021. We have…
Created By: Heidi Chase; Contributed By: Heidi Chase
Date: June 15, 2021

Higher COVID-19 Rates Seen for First Responders.pdf
Created By: HealthDay News; Contributed By: HealthDay News
Date: 11/02/2020
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