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Songy Support Drive.pdf
A motor parade in support of Detective John Songy was organized while he remained in critical condition at St. Vincent Hospital. Police Officer Jesse Catino, John’s partner at the Rutland Police Department organized the drive for Saturday, May 15th…
Created By: Douglas Hook; Contributed By: Douglas Hook
Date: May 12, 2020

A memorial bench was built in honor of the late Detective Songy outside Rutland Police Department where he served for 8 years. Detective Songy lost his fight against coronavirus on May 19th, 2020.
Created By: Cam Jandrow; Contributed By: Cam Jandrow
Date: April 28, 2021

WPD Officers pull elderly woman from burning building.pdf
In late February 2021, a house fire started in Worcester with an elderly woman stuck inside. Two young boys were the first on the scene and helped the women to the bottom floor. Worcester PD were the first responders to the call and rushed in to help…
Created By: WHDH Channel 7 News Boston; Contributed By: WHDH Channel 7 News Boston
Date: February 27, 2021

The Worcester Police Department has continued the promotion of its officers over the last year. Promotion ceremonies are small with few family members in attendance, but still serve as a method of honoring the hard work of these officers. Worcester…
Created By: Worcester Police Department ; Contributed By: Worcester Police Department
Date: Sgt. Brendan Tivan - January 19th 2021
Sgt. Elise Miranda - April 27th 2021

New Officers.png
Six new police officers were sworn into office in late January 2021 as part of a class of thirty new police candidates. The other candidates entered the academy while these six officers already attended a police academy training.
Created By: Worcester Police Department; Contributed By: Worcester Police Department
Date: January 26, 2021

Academy Training in COVID.png
Worcester Police Department has continued their efforts of training and recruiting new officers. The previous academy class began training at the start of the new year on Jan 25, 2021 with the entry exam for the next class scheduled June 12, 2021.
Created By: Worcester Police Department ; Contributed By: Worcester Police Department
Date: Feb 4, 2020

Veteran Drive.png
In mid-december 2020, Worcester PD shared that they participated in a donation to Veterancs inc. a national leader in ending homelessness among veterans.
Created By: Worcester Police Department ; Contributed By: Worcester Police Department
Date: December 17, 2020

Detective Songy FB Post.png
Rutland Police Department released a press release and facebook post informing the community of the passing of Detective John Songy following his long battle with COVID-19
Created By: Rutland Police Department; Contributed By: Rutland Police Department
Date: May 29, 2020

Songy 1.png
Following the death of Detective Songy accounced on May 29, 2020, the first responder community in Rutland responded by hanging black drapes and lowering flags in his honor at their depatments.
Created By:; Contributed By:
Date: May 29, 2020

Chief Michael Lavoie Vaccine.png
Worcester Fire Chief Michael Lavoie and Worcester Police Chief Steve Sargent received the COVID vaccine on Monday, Jan 12 at the Worcester Senior Center on Providence Street as part of the city's initial push of vaccines to the first responder…
Created By: Michael Bonner; Contributed By: Michael Bonner
Date: Jan 12, 2021
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