We Had Guests After All

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We Had Guests After All

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We Had Guests After All

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Easter, during the Covid 19 crisis left everyone celebrating alone and missing their families. Tim Corrinet and Chris McGovern wanted to try to find some humor in the situation. They were the annual hosts for their families each Easter and something just seemed so wrong not to be making a fuss and entertaining a crowd. It was just the two of them.
While Tim was cooking a turkey dinner for he and Chris to have by themselves, Chris invited a few "guests" from around their home and moved "Magnolia" and two kid mannequins up from their Christmas display supply room. He set the table and wrote this to his Social Media page:

“ We Had Guests After all ”

Tim and I were all mentally prepared for a very quiet Easter this year. We had a turkey in the oven just to try to get some sense of normalcy, and to fill the house with the nostalgic scent of a fabulous celebratory luncheon.
As we were sadly mulling about the house and reminiscing of Easter gatherings of the past and missing our families, I could hear the faint sound of chatter on the front stoop. That is when the doorbell rang.
“Why, I can’t believe it”, I exclaimed as I opened the door. There was a group of four old friends from way back in our 30 year past. “ We can’t possibly have you for lunch due to this social distancing crisis, but it is wonderful to see you all!” I added.
They all assured us that they could not possibly spread nor contract the covid-19 virus, due to their genetics, so we welcomed them with great joy and anticipation of a very enjoyable day.
I called upstairs to Magnolia, and explained that we had guests for lunch, and asked if she could assist in throwing something quickly together.
Magnolia was always looking for any excuse to continue wearing the faux fur coat that once belonged to my grandmother, and suddenly appeared downstairs fully bedecked in her Easter best. “And here I thought that I would not be able to wear my hat this year.” she said as she began to set the table and search for candles and silver.
The ladies looked fine with their hair all up and were dressed appropriately with roses bows and tiaras. One had on a lovely black and white silk scarf, drawn together with a vintage rhinestone brooch. The other fashioned herself a bit of a renaissance woman in her gold embroidered damask. She proudly wore a lace collar and giant white citrine necklace. Her hair was a crown of braids.
The gentlemen were similarly but not to lavishly dressed. The larger more boisterous one refused to cut his hair since he had gorgeous full curly locks that went past his barrel chested frame. ( I think that he wears it that way just to get my envy stirred up, for I once too had beautiful curly hair.) Never the less he had a huge gold necklace that must have been inherited that he always wore.
The smaller and quieter gentleman was the philosopher of the group and was always the one put things in perspective for us. He had a gold tone shoulder brooch with a greek relief that accented the simple cotton tunic.
As we sat down to the lavishly decorated table, two neighborhood children quickly came in to drop off an Easter basket and decorated eggs that they made for us.
My kind of kids: quiet and minded their manners. They always love to visit our house at Christmas time, just to see all the trees and candy store.

As Magnolia presented us the succulent and perfectly cooked turkey I managed to time a selfie of the group, so that we could always remember that Easter, during the Covid crisis, when we made the best of a bad situation, with humor and memories of holidays past, while looking forward to future years with our loved ones.
Happy Easter!!
Love, Chris and Tim .
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We Had Guests After All