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During the lockdown, we all saw an almost post-apocalyptic landscape around the globe. That was our collective narrative. Roads that were once filled with cars were suddenly barren, city streets that used to bustle with life were eerily vacant, airports were emptied, and industries and factories were put to an immediate halt. While the Sars-Cov-2 virus rampaged throughout the United States and put almost every aspect of our in-person social discourse on pause, Mother Earth seemed to take this moment to reset and heal. Air pollution levels across the globe dropped to historic records. Smog cleared, fish could be seen in canals, and wild animals were able to cross the roads and walk into towns. Fast-forward to life *after* lockdown. We stopped the pause and hit play. People are going back to work and going back to school, people are using their cars, using planes, and reversing any progress they have made in reducing their carbon footprint. In addition to these things, the pollution from masks has been astronomical. Face masks, gloves, and other coronavirus waste is polluting our oceans and our streets. Millions of gloves and masks are being used and then thrown away every single day, and the waste is apparent. The photo I took was just *one* of the five masks that I have found lying on the ground in my street. I took this picture to encapture the tangential spread of coronavirus PPE pollution as the pandemic continues to ravage the country.

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