"Stand here, Stay Healthy"

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"Stand here, Stay Healthy"


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been countless instructions on what to do and how to act in order to keep ourselves and everyone around us safe. In an effort to promote careful and cautious behavior, many signs indicating protective precautions have included short sayings that serve the purpose of motivating people to do the right thing. Signs outlining the procedures surrounding the coronavirus generally end with something like “We are name of institution strong” or “We’re all in this together” to instill some hope into the people that, by following the guidelines, we can work together to improve the situation at hand. This sign, enforcing social distancing, states “Stand Here, Stay Healthy”. By including the “Stay healthy”, an incentive is provided for maintaining proper distance. The goal is to use language to inspire each person to help themselves, help each other, and beat this virus together as one. The virus can be a scary topic with the world being afraid of the effects it has taken on the world at a global level, as well as each family at a personal level. Therefore, signs, like this one, try to use rhetoric to inspire rather than scare with the hope that with just a little bit of positivity, we can come together as community to get through these hard times.

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"Stand here, Stay Healthy"