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In the bathrooms of the Sanford Riley Residence Hall at WPI, there are articles like this in each of the stalls. This article, titled “The Popsicle Stick Agenda”, makes light of a tedious task that students have to do every day. Due to the virus, the university only allows two people in the stalls at any period and to track this, each student must place a popsicle stick in the designated slot to regulate bathroom use. This small task has been integrated into our everyday lives as students and at points, can be very monotonous and irritating. The article featured portrays this chore in a more optimistic way. Instead of making it seem like something every student has to do, the article portrays it as something every student should want to do. It encourages the students to decorate their popsicle sticks to depict who they are and maybe even make some new friends by doing so. Not only does it make the task seem enjoyable, it acknowledges that the popsicle sticks are put in place for our safety and that the students should make the most out of an unfortunate situation. Urging students to show their true selves through the popsicles sticks allows the students to come together and form a community based on their common identities. The article proves to be an amazing way to spread positivity and togetherness during these challenging times.

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