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Worcester Fire Department responds to pinned male
Worcester Fire Department responded to a call in early May, 2021 to aid a man pinned by concrete blocks. Worcester EMS brought the patient to UMass Memorial for treatment.

Worcester Fire Department respond to house fire
Worcester Fire Department responded to a house fire call on January 26, 2021. Members of group 1 suppressed the fire with minimal spread throughout the structure.

Worcester Fire Department congratulates the graduating class of Recruit Class 2020-1
Worcester Fire Department congratulates the graduating class of Recruit Class 2020-1. The class was sworn in at Rockwood Field on August 6th, 2020. The ceremony was held outdoors to mitigate close contact as seen by the spacing of individuals seats.

Worcester Fire Department hold virtual memorial for fallen Lt Menard
Worcester Fire Department honors Lt Menard with a virtual memorial one year after his death in November of 2019 while responding to a call. The ceremony was held virtually and aired on the city's website and public access television.

Worcester Fire Department holds memorial in honor of the late FF Chris Roy
The Worcester Fire Department held a memorial for the 2nd anniversary of the passing of FF Chris Roy. He tragically died while responding to a fire in December of 2018.

Worcester Police Officers pull elderly woman from a burning building
In late February 2021, a house fire started in Worcester with an elderly woman stuck inside. Two young boys were the first on the scene and helped the women to the bottom floor. Worcester PD were the first responders to the call and rushed in to help…

Worcester Police Department at Drive Through Toy Donation
Worcester PD participated in the distribution of toys to the children of Worcester during a drive though toy distribution event in time for the Holiday season.

Table Talk Pies Donation to Worcester EMS
Table Talk Pies provided a donation of pies to Worcester EMS and UMass Memorial Hospital on two different occasions. First directly to the paramedics of Worcester EMS in early April, 2020 followed by another 10,000 pies to UMass Memorial in June.

Hint Water Donation to Worcester EMS
Jeff Venuti from Hint Water provided a generous donation of 10 cases of Hint Water for our Paramedics in May of 2020.

Worcester EMS Performing COVID-19 Testing for the Shelter Population
Worcester EMS performed another 125 COVID-19 swab tests for the shelter population in April of 2020
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