Breathe No Evil

Started in April 2020, Breathe No Evil is COVID-19 community art project dedicated to showing a “wide variety of people coming together for the common good.” Troy B. Thompson, the creator of No Evil Project, writes: “Face coverings slow the spread of COVID-19 but for many they're unusual to see or wear, and for some they can perpetuate stereotypes. Let's show that face coverings shouldn't be feared, but represent a wide variety of people coming together for the common good, standing strong, and protecting each other with a simple act even if it's uncomfortable.” Project participants take a picture of themselves wearing a face mask or covering, pick three labels that describe themselves, and share one of their good deeds and any other additional thoughts.



Good Deed: "Encouraging creativity and compassion while keeping people safe by creating the Breathe No Evil program."

Additional Thoughts: "I'm heartened seeing communities coming together to help others in need during these difficult and strange times."



Good Deed: "My friends and I trade baked goods and crafts as a way to support each other through the pandemic."



Good Deed: "I coordinated virtual Easter brunch for my family - which included teaching my 90-year-old grandmother how to use Zoom!"

Additional Thoughts: "Face masks are really hard to wear with glasses. Also, I always smile at people in the grocery store, which you can't do with a mask on. A stranger and I perfected the what's up head nod yesterday. We take for granted how much facial expressions mean in the world."



Good Deed: "I prefer to keep it private, but do want to encourage everyone to lend a hand and be kind to others. Seamos justos y saquemos las ideas preconcebidas de nuestra cabeza... let’s be just and let’s get rid of our prejudices. Have passion for compassion."

Additional Thoughts: "I have autoimmune small fiber-neuropathy. Every month I visit the hospital for infusions for 3 days, and every month I worry about being exposed to the virus. Wearing a mask and keeping social distancing keeps me safe, and you too. We’re in this together. This isn’t a violation of your rights; it’s actually caring for yours and others wellbeing. Thank you for caring... and to everyone who hasn’t had the luxury of working from home: Thank you! We see you and value you."



Good Deed: "I go outside with my dog Tuffy to enjoy nature in my own back yard. I reached out to an elderly family to see if I could help with anything. I send my nieces and nephews cards in the mail. Now that I'm easing my way back to work little by little, I wear my mask, sanitize my work space before and after work, and use hand sanitizer. #flattenthecurve"

Additional Thoughts: "I have learned to see my family members more often. I've learned how communities can come together, and unfortunately, how communities fall apart. I've learned there are a lot more that needs to be done."



Good Deed: "Sadly, treating my clients during the initial Covid Scare was prohibited. After 30 plus years of practice, I had to close my doors for 5 months. I continued to pay rent and unfortunately this closing set me back in many ways.I felt guilty not able to treat people that were relying on my services for pain relief etc. During this 3rd wave I plan to stay open to service my clients. I will continue to practice Acupuncture in a sterile and safe manner required by law. This is standard requirement for Licensed Acupuncturists in the Commonwealth of Ma. Lic. By Board of Reg. In Medicine."

Additional Thoughts: "We are all in this together. Our brothers and sisters are suffering. Give Support to those who need it. Make that phone call or at least send the text. Step out of your comfort zone with an idea that could be uplifting, helpful, supportive and share it! Virtual Hugs to all ❣️"

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Breathe No Evil