Pandemic Trainings

In spite of the disruptions COVID-19 caused, basic operations had to be maintained, including the recruitment and training of new classes of first responders. Masking and social distancing joined the routines of various first responder academies and trainings.

Academy Recruits.jpg

The Worcester Police Department (WPD) continued its efforts of training and recruiting new officers. The previous academy class began training at the start of the new year on Jan 25, 2021, with the entry exam for the next class scheduled for June 12, 2021.


WFD trained its Group 2 Tech Rescue Team on November 1, 2021.

And if there was ever a time to postpone the graduation of first responders, it was certainly not during a global pandemic.


Worcester EMS’s new probationary paramedics graduated in mid August 2020.

The Pandemic First Response
Pandemic Trainings