The Community Connection

WFD and WEMS Share Thanks 2.jpg

WFD and Worcester EMS share thanks and respect.

Throughout the pandemic and well before, Worcester’s first responders worked together in service to the community—but connection with the community doesn’t just happen during on-duty crises.

To Worcester, From First Responders

Throughout 2020 and 2021, Worcester’s first responders participated in a number of  local charity events, including the Teddy Bear Toss Drive, the Drive Through Toy Donation, and the Veteran Donation Drive. 

To First Responders, From Worcester

And for the community, it was just as important to give back. Between Table Talk pies and handmade gift bags from students, support for Worcester’s first responders has come in all shapes and sizes during this pandemic year.

The Future for First Responders

The men and women of Worcester’s first response community faced the challenge of the coronavirus head on with their brothers and sisters at their side and the community at their back. They worked through long hours, dangerous conditions, uncertainties, equipment shortages, and, in many cases, immense personal losses. Although their work is far from over, the COVID-19 pandemic has given us a new perspective of the first responders that serve our nation and the impact, both positive and negative, that their actions can have on those around them. Together, we move forward with a greater understanding of those who serve our community.


Exhibit created by Jack Charbonneau—edited and reviewed by Allison Steeves.
The Community Connection