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My mask story: like most crafters, I’ve got a stash of leftover supplies that accumulate and take up space. When masks were impossible to find, I was terrified and feeling helpless. I found a tutorial online and got out the sewing machine. I ran…
Created By: Khurston Ellia-Epple; Contributed By: Khurston Ellia-Epple
Date: 04/22/2021

Before the pandemic, I regularly drove on Ararat Street to bring my daughter to school. I was excited when another contributor submitted a photo in June 2020 of the Ararat T-Rex with a mask. I recently drove my daughter to school for the first time…
Created By: Joseph Cullon; Contributed By: Joseph Cullon
Date: 04/22/2021

The statue of Sigmund Freud on Clark University's campus is caught wearing a facemask.
Created By: Leah Smith; Contributed By: Leah Smith
Date: 10/09/2020

I became eligible for the vaccine on April 5. Of course, it is a long way between eligibility and antibodies. I tried using the state site to schedule an appointment and it would either crash or freeze for long periods of time. Instead, I ended up…
Created By: Anonymous; Contributed By: Anonymous
Date: 04/08/2021

A screenshot of an attachment that I received by email promoting a vaccine equity mobile group.
Created By: City of Worcester; Contributed By: City of Worcester
Date: 04/06/2021

This an image of students from the New Citizens Center, a Worcester Public School for refugees and newcomers with gaps in education. This is a picture of the first week back in-person. Only computers, no paper, masks, and sparse classrooms.
Created By: Daniel Gay; Contributed By: Daniel Gay
Date: 04/01/2021

Hiker, Photographer, Optimist

"Sadly, treating my clients during the initial Covid Scare was prohibited. After 30 plus years of practice, I had to close my doors for 5 months. I continued to pay rent and unfortunately this closing set me back in…
Created By: Troy B. Thompson; Contributed By: Troy B. Thompson
Date: 11/21/2020

Asthmatic, Iatrogenic Brain Injury, Libra

"I go outside with my dog Tuffy to enjoy nature in my own back yard. I reached out to an elderly family to see if I could help with anything. I send my nieces and nephews cards in the mail. Now that I'm…
Created By: Troy B. Thompson; Contributed By: Troy B. Thompson
Date: 06/05/2020

Blues Lover, Epileptic, Dominican

"I prefer to keep it private, but do want to encourage everyone to lend a hand and be kind to others. Seamos justos y saquemos las ideas preconcebidas de nuestra cabeza... let’s be just and let’s get rid of our…
Created By: Troy B. Thompson; Contributed By: Troy B. Thompson
Date: 05/28/2020

Millennial, Queer, Anxiety Disorder

"I coordinated virtual Easter brunch for my family - which included teaching my 90-year-old grandmother how to use Zoom!"

"Face masks are really hard to wear with glasses. Also, I always smile at people in…
Created By: Troy B. Thompson; Contributed By: Troy B. Thompson
Date: 04/23/2020
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