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My mask story: like most crafters, I’ve got a stash of leftover supplies that accumulate and take up space. When masks were impossible to find, I was terrified and feeling helpless. I found a tutorial online and got out the sewing machine. I ran…
Created By: Khurston Ellia-Epple; Contributed By: Khurston Ellia-Epple
Date: 04/22/2021

COVID Artifact.JPG
During the lockdown, we all saw an almost post-apocalyptic landscape around the globe. That was our collective narrative. Roads that were once filled with cars were suddenly barren, city streets that used to bustle with life were eerily vacant,…
Created By: Jessica Takami; Contributed By: Jessica Takami
Date: 08/31/2020

E & A masks.jpg
A friend of mine made masks for my family. My daughter, Ellie, and I were trying ours on. This image tugs at my heartstrings - seeing Ellie's little face behind a mask makes my heart feel so tender. I want to normalize wearing one for her but at…
Created By: Amy Curran; Contributed By: Amy Curran
Date: 4/15/2020
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