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The fraternity advisor of the Pi Iota chapter of Phi Gamma Delta at WPI discusses his role as an advisor to a fraternity during Covid-19. He describes the fraternity's approach to rush, adapting events, reaching out to graduate brothers,…
Created By: John Puksta; Contributed By: John Puksta
Date: 5/7/21

This recording is an oral history of a current junior in Phi Kappa Theta (KAP) at WPI. He serves on their executive board and overlooks the rush committee and membership development chair. This recording discusses KAP's hardships that they have faced…
Created By: John Puksta; Contributed By: John Puksta
Date: 5/7/21

A year into COVID, Worcester County small businesses revenue down 51% _ Worcester Business Journal.pdf
This article presents some data to put into perspective just how much local businesses are struggling through the pandemic. Seeing the revenue figures, which are recent numbers, should insight motivation to go out and support those who are…
Created By: Grant Welker; Contributed By: Grant Welker
Date: 03/12/2021

Report_ 37% of Mass. small businesses have closed _ Worcester Business Journal.pdf
This report highlights that approximately 37% of small businesses in Massachusetts closed shop during the pandemic. With the commercial influence Worcester has, many of these businesses are certainly local small businesses who couldn't keep up with…
Created By: Monica Bush
Date: 12/02/2020

Restaurants Struggling to Find Help.pdf
Restaurants describe their struggle to find help as customer traffic increases due to COVID-19 restrictions becoming increasingly relaxed.
Created By: Kate Benoit; Contributed By: Kate Benoit
Date: 04/02/2021
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