The National Can Shortage

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The National Can Shortage


This photograph was taken in the Shaw's on Gold Star Boulevard in July. Apparently, fewer people are recycling cans during the pandemic, which has led to a national shortage. Particularly in the spring, but also in the summer, there were rolling shortages at my local supermarkets. Everyone sort of laughed when toilet paper became scarce in the spring, but other than that no one really mentions it. There were weeks where there were no leafy greens; then the following week it was no frozen vegetables; then chicken, or cereal, or flour, or canned beans. I remember in about April they had a store employee play security guard to make sure no one tried to buy more than a dozen eggs at a time, or more than one package of chicken. I remember a week where they had unpackaged chicken - just chicken parts in clear plastic shopping bags, no branding, just a price written in marker. And now, of course, a soda shortage! It blows my mind that no one talks about these shortages, or just shrugs them off like they're a normal thing. When this happens in other countries, we see pictures of it every day on the news for months showing what a failure that country is, but then it happens here, and... no one cares.

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The National Can Shortage