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Created By: Ian Coolidge; Contributed By: Ian Coolidge
Date: 4/26/21

The fraternity advisor of the Pi Iota chapter of Phi Gamma Delta at WPI discusses his role as an advisor to a fraternity during Covid-19. He describes the fraternity's approach to rush, adapting events, reaching out to graduate brothers,…
Created By: John Puksta; Contributed By: John Puksta
Date: 5/7/21

This recording is an oral history of a current junior in Phi Kappa Theta (KAP) at WPI. He serves on their executive board and overlooks the rush committee and membership development chair. This recording discusses KAP's hardships that they have faced…
Created By: John Puksta; Contributed By: John Puksta
Date: 5/7/21

(1) COVID & Fraternity Stigma _ WPI.pdf
A user on the WPI Reddit made a post about how fraternities and sororities at WPI are constantly and wrongfully blamed for the entirety of Covid at WPI. This post stems as a response to multiple posts on this subreddit that shame and blame…
Created By: WPI Redditor; Contributed By: WPI Redditor
Date: 11/23/2020

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119053818_958217108012346_3640566389625316585_n (2) (2).jpg
Brothers of Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) fraternity and sisters of Phi Sigma Sigma (Phi Sig) sorority came together to raise money for United States Organizations (USO) on 9/11. They raised money by selling yellow ribbons by WPI's campus fountain to spread…
Created By: Benjamin Cyran; Contributed By: Benjamin Cyran
Date: 9/11/2020

Every year Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) hosts a massive in-person Pig Dinner for its undergraduate brothers and alumni. The fraternity bonds with each other by dressing up, having a wonderful dinner, and discussing the successes of the chapter. Due to…
Created By: John Puksta; Contributed By: John Puksta
Date: 5/17/2020

Brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp) participated in their annual philanthropy event for St. Baldrick's Foundation. The brothers volunteered themselves to get funny haircuts based on certain donations made to their philanthropic effort. Due to…
Created By: Matthew O'Donnel; Contributed By: Matthew O'Donnel
Date: 3/21/21

This is the table that was set up for the Alpha Chi Rho (CRO) fraternity and Alpha Gamma Delta (AGD) sorority for their teeter-totter event. They sold a variety of games, food, and stickers to raise money.
Created By: Igor De Moraes; Contributed By: Igor De Moraes
Date: 4/23//21

unnamed (2).jpg
Brothers of Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) hosted their annual smash event for fall rush. Usually, FIJI would host this event on their sundeck. The event consists of the brothers collected junk furniture and other trash for potential new members to smash…
Created By: John Puksta; Contributed By: John Puksta
Date: 11/1/2020

Brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha (LCA) hosted a car smash event for their spring rush. This is a rush event for many fraternities at WPI and has happened for many years. This year, LCA had to enforce proper mask wearing and guest limitations due to WPI's…
Created By: Will Donovan; Contributed By: Will Donovan
Date: 4/16/21
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